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International Masterclasses Berlin
Since its creation in 2012 by Conductor and Music Director, Gil Raveh, IMB has become the world leading organisation in producing masterclasses for orchestral and choral conductors. With several masterclasses each year, we are succeeding to follow a continuous line of development and progress. After receiving enormous support, and most importantly the trust, of hundreds of masterclasses participants worldwide, the confidence grew in us, and we dared  to organize more interesting and challenging programs. Our final concerts are always full, and we are very happy to create this kind of concert series in the city of Berlin. IMB will continue to provide the best masterclasses according to its tradition, and to welcome conductors from all over the world into our musical experience. 

Based in Berlin, Germany, ”the creative capital of Europe”, we collaborate with some of the most important institutions, thereby offering the best atmosphere for learning and the highest level of conducting training and experience.

Our philosophy places the participant at the center of the experience.  All aspects of the masterclass are interrelated and focused on elevated and transformative musical performance. Every master class concludes with a rehearsed, public performance.  This is the culmination of the intensive teaching and mentoring, studying and practicing, and learning from the maestro, conducting colleagues, the orchestra musicians, and the entire collaborative experience. We believe that each one of the active participants in our courses must have the opportunity to participate in a real, public concert, in order to be able to assimilate and express what they gained during the course.*

In order to assure a rewarding course and high teaching standards, our courses ALWAYS have strict policy of limited number of participants.  This allows for a substantial amount of learning and rehearsing time with the teacher and the orchestra.

Our many years of experience in organizing a variety of musical events, opera productions and international masterclasses provide a broad perspective on the logistical and artistic organization of these courses.

Our priority is our participants, and our goal is for their experience in Berlin to be fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable.

You are welcome to apply here, or contact us for more details.

The IMB team

We are grateful to everybody who took part in participating and in organizing these masterclasses.

Here are some impressions, sent to us by past masterclass participants.

“I have been to several masterclasses in the past few years. I must say that this one is definitely the most professional and organized I have visited. The staff was very kind and helpful, the orchestra, Berlin Sinfonietta was the most cooperative and patience through the 4 hours calls, and the location is superb. I would recommend my conductors colleagues to join one of the future masterclasses…” 

“Many thanks for last week’s masterclass, I got a great amount from it and I thought the week was really well organised.”

“Thanks for your very good organisation.” 
“Thanks for Maestro Roberto Paternostro , it was an honor to work under his teaching.”
“I want to specially Thanks for the musicians of Berlin sinfonietta , I got so much learn from them, they are just great!”
“Thanks also for the amazing pianists.”

“Thank you for inspiring days with Paternostro! I enjoyed it! “





*In rare cases, because of pedagogical and musical reasons, there is a possibility that one or more participants will not participate in the final concert.












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