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February 2017 Season Opening!

OPERA WORKSHOP & FINAL CONCERTportrait-01-roberto-paternostro-c-moritz-schell_4fc35da59bd8b

Prof. Roberto Paternostro (Vienna)
Berlin Sinfonietta
Soloists TBA
W. A. Mozart
February 13th – 18th 2017

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29.8.2016 We are back from the summer pause with three interesting masterclass until the end of the year. Great plans for 2017 are already on their way. Stay tuned!



poster Shosta

We have great plans for the second half of 2016.
New teachers and very interesting and challenging programs!
We are happy to announce our first collaboration with the prominent conductor, Maestro Filippo Maria Bressan. Please click the image for more details.

5. April 2016
Check out the poster for the final concert of the masterclass with Maestro Shambadal in June 2016.
You are welcome to apply for the masterclass and visit Berlin this summer!
Good Luck!


Upcoming Masterclasses:

March – June 2016:

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JUNE conductor_lior_shambadal_l







We are working on the 2016 season of IMB and the Berlin Sinfonietta. We have new teachers in addition to out residents, new Ensembles to work with, soloists and great music.
The schedule from March to June will be published very soon.

Here is our Special Season Opening:

Brahms 4

You are welcome to apply here.

We are back from the summer, and already after a great and successful masterclass with Maestro Shambadal. We had a very good group this time, and the final concert was successful as well.
Here are some pictures, but as always, on Facebook you will find all the latest updates, in real-time. Like us! :)




We had a great masterclass with Maestro Shambadal, the Berlin Sinfonetta and IMB Kammerchor.

A big thank you to all of the participants who came and made this masterclass possible. It is not taken for granted by us. We are already thinking and planning more classes with orchestra and choir for the years to come.
Here are some images from the two final concerts we had at the end of this masterclass. Enjoy!
Conducting tradition.


For more images, videos and most updated information please follow us on Facebook.


Prof. Colin Metters (UK)
Berlin Sinfonietta
Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann, Saint-Saëns
September 26th – October 1st 2015


J. Haydn
Symphony No.104 in D major

R. Schumann
Cello Concerto in A minor op.  129

Soloist: TBA
C. Saint-Saëns
Cello Concerto in A minor op.  33

Solists: TBA

L. v. Beethoven
Symphony No. 2 in D major op. 36

All are welcome to apply. Limited number of places.



03.05.2015 NEW MASTERCLASS ANNOUNCED:pastoral-symphony

Maestro Lior Shambadal (IL)
Berlin Sinfonietta
Beethoven and Mendelssohn
September 6th – 11th 2015


L. v. Beethoven
Symphony No. 6 in F major op. 68 <Pastoral>

F. Mendelssohn
Symphony No. 4 in A major op. 90 <Italian>

from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” op. 61:
1. Scherzo
5. Intermezzo
7. Notturno

More information here.


03.05.2015 We are happy to publish our masterclasses dates for the second half of the 2015 season.
Click here for more information.
Application has started. Our recommendation (from past experiences) is to guarantee a place in the masterclass you like to take part in as early as possible.

Our next masterclass with Maestro Shambadal will take place in June 2015.
Click here for more information.

21.3.2014 We had a great masterclass with Prof. Colin Metters and we are very happy to say that he accepted our invitation to give another masterclass, maybe even during this year.
Here are some images from the masterclass. The lessons , the rehearsals, the eclipse and the the final concert:



We are happy to announce our 12th masterclass, the fifth with the world renowned “Mentor of Conductors,” Maestro Kenneth Kiesler. As in earlier masterclasses, Maestro Kielser arrival to Europe creates an opportunity  to experience his highly regarded and important approach to teaching the art of conducting.  We e are thankful and grateful as always that Maestro Kiesler keeps accepting our invitations and always coming back to give masterclasses in Berlin. More here.


Look who came yesterday spontaneously to visit our masterclass! Alondra de la Parra, a very successful conductor, student of our masterclass teacher, Maestro Kenneth Kiesler. 
She is in currently Berlin for a concert with the Radio Symphony 
Orchestra on Friday. It was great talking and listening to her insights an experienced conductor. We talked about career, orchestras, conducting and about life in general. 
Today we are all invited to listen to her rehearsal. This is what is Berlin all about! Thank you Ken and Alondra.

(I even took my first (and last) selfie! :))












 Happy to finally announce IMB’s first masterclass in 2015! Limited number of places, no age limit. Application – free of charge.

Prof. Colin Metters (U.K)
 Royal Academy of Music, London

Berlin Sinfonietta

International Masterclass for Conductors

Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruch

15th – 20th March 2015

You are welcome to apply here.

03.09.2014 Happy to announce an exciting addition to IMB’s teachers arsenal, We are proud to have to opportunity to cooperate with one of the leading and most distinguished conducting pedagogues of our time, Prof. Colin Metters. Professor of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London where he founded the Conductors’ Course in 1983.  Please apply here.

The masterclass will be the first masterclass in 2015 in Berlin, with our great orchestra, the Berlin Sinfonietta. More details soon!

21.08.2014 There are only two places left available for active participation in the masterclass for advanced conductors with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler (USA).

If you are interested, please hurry up to apply here.

20.08.2014 The masterclass with Maestro Shambadal reached its limit. Passive participants are welcome to join this extraordinary masterclass.

01.08.2014 As always, the final concert of the upcoming with Maestro Shambadal is published online Berlin’s top websites TIP and ZITTY! Check it here.

28.07.2014 ATTENTION: Last available active place in the masterclass with Maestro Shambadal, hurry up to apply here.

Here is the advertisement for the public concert!









13.06.2014 New masterclass announced:

Kenneth Kiesler (USA)

Berlin Sinfonietta

10th International Masterclass for Conductors

Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovitch, Elgar

November 2nd – 7th 2014

We are happy to celebrate our 10th masterclass with the world renowned “Mentor of Conductors,” Maestro Kenneth Kiesler. It is a rare opportunity in Europe to experience his highly regarded and important approach to teaching conducting. Kiesler, who is widely regarded for his interpretations of Shostakovitch and Mozart, has a long and distinguished history with string orchestras and string repertoire. He will dedicate this masterclass exclusively to string pieces from different periods; from the Baroque to the 20th century. More information here.

Limited numbers of places, hurry to apply here. (No need to apply again if already applied). Please let us know if you interested in participating. 

02.06.2014 The program for the next masterclass with Maetsro Shmabadal is published.  All the information can be found  here.

Lior Shambadal
(Chefdirigent Berliner Symphoniker)

Berlin Sinfonietta

 International Masterclass for Conductors


Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven in E♭ Major

September 14th – 19th 2014

02.06.2014 The masterclass with Maestro Shamabdal was a great success, and we are looking forward to his next masterclass that will take place in September 2014.  Again, enormous thanks to the unbelievable Berlin Sinfonietta for the hard work, the patience, the concentration throughout the week, and of course for great playing in the concert with this demanding program. Thank you also to all of the participants and Maestro Shambadal for a fascinating week. IMB would like to wish everybody a nice summer! We hope to see you in our next masterclasses.

12.05.2014 New masterclasses announced:

Maetsro Lior Shambadal September 14th – 19th EROICA – SHAMBADAL
Maestro Kenneth Kiesler November 2nd – 7th    (repertoire TBA)

You are welcome to apply here.

03.05.2014 A big thank you to Maestro Talmi for a great masterclass. Also to the unbelievably patience and dedicated players of the Berlin Sinfonietta. And ofcourse, to all the students, the amazing pianists and the staff. It is great to do these masterclasses with such high quality and dedicated colleges. Cheers!  Here are part of  Talmi’s words to the public about the Belrin Sinfoinietta orchestra before the final concert:

“Ich nutze diese Gelegenheit, um die Berlin Sinfonietta für ihre sehr positive Einstellung, ihre geduld und ihre hohes Niveau des Spielens während der ganzen Woche bedanken. ”

” I would like to use this opportunity to thank the Berlin Sinfonietta for the very positive approach, patience and for the high level of playing during the whole week.”

15.04.2014 The final concert of the masterclass with Maestro Talmi is already published on Berlin’s top sites Tip and Zitty! Check it our here.

05.04.2014 We would like to share some of the impressions that were sent to us by many of the masterclasses participants from all over the world, from Australia to Brazil, through China, Japan and Europe. Thank you for your notes and support! We are happy to say that we have succeeded to the be the most professional organisation that put together masterclasses of this sort.

As always, we will continue to follow our philosophy that puts the participant in the center of the experience, in order to create the best atmosphere for learning and the highest level of conducting training and experience.

We are grateful to everybody who took part in participating and in organizing these masterclasses.

“I have been to several masterclasses in the past few years. I must say that this one is definitely the most professional and organized I have visited. The staff was very kind and helpful, the orchestra, Berlin Sinfonietta, was the most cooperative and patience through the long 4 hours calls, and the location is superb. I would recommend my conductors colleagues to join one of the future masterclasses…” 

 “Many thanks for last week’s masterclass, I got a great amount from it and I thought the week was really well organised.”

“Thanks for your very good organisation.” 
“Thanks for Maestro Roberto Paternostro , it was an honor to work under his teaching.”
“I want to specially Thanks for the musicians of Berlin sinfonietta , I got so much learn from them, they are just great!”
“Thanks also for the amazing pianists.”

“Thank you for inspiring days with Paternostro! I enjoyed it! “

Maesto Paternostro and the masterclass participants

01.04.2014 The masterclass with Maestro Paternostro was a great success. A big thank you to the Berlin Sinfonietta, for their dedication, patience and wonderful playing.
Thank you to to Maestro Paternostro for his insights and guidance. And of course to the 12 participants who made this masterclass so special. Hope to see you all again very soon!
01.03.2014 The final concert of the Masterclass “Classic and Neoclassic” with Maestro Roberto Paternostro is already published in Berlin’s biggest magazine ZITTY!

Check it out:

08.02.2014  New masterclass announced! We are happy to announce another masterclass in 2014, “Ludwig van Beethoven”, with Maestro Lior Shambadal More information here.
Like always, the final public concert will be the conducted by all the participants of the class. The concert will take place on Friday, May the 30th at 20:00.

25.01.2014 The masterclasses with Maestro Paternostro and Maestro Talmi are almost full. Hurry up to apply and take the last available places. 

25.12.2013 IMB would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We would like also to thank all the conductors who participated in our masterclass throughout  our first year of activity. Thank you for trusting in us and helping us improve from masterclass to masterclass. We would also like to express enormous gratitude for the unique musicians of the Berlin Sinfonietta, who participated in all of the masterclasses in an extra ordinary way. Thank you for your patience and the will to help the conductors. And last but not least, IMB would like to thank the teachers who came to teach in these masterclasses, Prof. Kenneth Kiesler, Prof, Lutz Köhler and Maestro Michail Jurowski. We are planning a great program for 2014, some new and attractive names. Stay posted! 

20.12.2013 The masterclass with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler was a great experience! A big thank you for the participants who conducted beautiful in the concert, the orchestra who gave a lot from themselves, and of course to Maestro Kenneth Kiesler for the whole week of learning.

24.11.2013 The Final concert of the masterclass with Maestro Kiesler is, like always, already published in Berlin’s top magazines TIP and ZITTY!
On the program: Beethoven and Mendelssohn. Overtures, Violin Concertos and Symphonies.
Entry is free of charge!

 New masterclass announced! We are happy to announce another masterclass in 2014, “Classic and Neoclassic”, with Maestro Roberto Paternostro. More information here.

09.11.2013 The masterclass with Prof. Koehler came to its end with the very good concert of Mozart’s three last symphonies. Bravo to all the participants for beautiful conducting, thank you the Berlin Sinfonietta for beautiful playing and patience, and a big thank you to Prof. Koehler who shared with everybody his experience and insights of these amazing pieces during the masterclass week. We had a great musical evening. After a week spent with Mozart’s music, we can say in confidence, that he is the greatest. Just can’t get enough of his amazing creation. Thank you W. A. Mozart.

31.10.2013 New masterclass announced! We are happy to announce the first masterclass in 2014, The Classical Development, with Maestro Yoav TalmiMore information here.

You are welcome to apply here

07.10.2013 We are working and planning the masterclasses for 2014. We are proud to have  very exciting musicians to lead next year’s classes. Soon more information!

06.10.2013 The final concert of the Mozart Masterclass with Prof. Lutz Koehler is already published in Berlin’s biggest magazine ZITTY!

Check it out:

24.09.2013 We have uploaded some images from the masterclass with Maestro Michail Jurowski for your impression. Click here.

17.09.2013 We have experienced some problems with our email account in the last few days. We belie that it is fixed now. Please resend email that you think we didn’t receive. 

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

15.09.2013 The masterclass with Mr. Michail Jurowski was a once in a life time experience. The orchestra was great, the conductors were great and the almost full house concert was very exciting.
A big thank you to the 12 conductors who worked so professionally with the orchestra, and of course thank you to all the players in the Berlin Sinfonietta who showed that they can overcome every challenge. Pics will follow soon.

29.08.2013 After two very successful masterclasses with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler, we are happy and excited to announce a third masterclass in December 2013.
This masterclass will be dealing with the interesting influences of Beethoven and Mendelssohn and the early romantic period. More information here.

All are welcome to apply here.

08.08.2013 The final concert  of the Masterclass with Mr. Michail Jurowski is already published in Berlin’s biggest magazine ZITTY!

Check it out:[categories]=Konzerte

07.08.2013 IMB would like to congratulate Maestro Kenneth Kielser on his new website! Check it out: 

01.07.2013 Starting September, we will give all the video recordings of the masterclass participants a USB Stick, instead of many DVD’s. The USB Stick has the capacity of 8 GB and the conductors can keep it, and take it home with them.  here is how it looks like:

25.06.2013 The Masterclass with Maestro Kiesler was great. I would like to thank all the participants, Maestro Kiesler and the Berlin Sinfonietta for a their patience and help during this long and warm week.

Here are few pics.

14.06.2013 New Masterclass announced:

W. A. Mozart – The Last Symphonies with Prof. Lutz Köhler 

We are happy to announce that this November we will hold a very special Masterclass with Prof. Lutz Köhler and the Berlin Sinfonietta.

A whole Mozart program. More details here.

11.05.2013 Starting publicity for the final concert of the upcoming Masterclass in June, here is the poster:

10.05.2013 We are happy to announce that we added two Masterclasses in the end of 2013:

Maestro Kiesler, December 2013 – Due to the amount of applications and requests, we are planning another Masterclass with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler in December 2013.
More information regarding repertoire will be published soon. 

Prof. Lutz Köhler, November 2013 – Prof. Köhler, the Head of the Conducting Department in the UdK (University of the Arts) Berlin and Prof. for Conducting in Escuela Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. We are very happy to work with Prof. Köhler for the first time. More information regarding repertoire will be published soon. 

30.04.2013 All are welcome to apply to the Masterclass with Maestro Michail Jurowski. A rare opportunity to dive and explore the depths of two of the great Russian composers, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovitch – Maestro Jurowski’s expertise. Click here.

23.04.2013 The Masterclass in June with Maestro Kiesler is SOLD-OUT! We are overwhelmed from the amount of applications we received. Applicants are welcome to join as passive participants.

We are already working on a next Masterclass with Maestro Kielser in fall 2013, stay posted for updates.

Our office will be closed until 1st of April. All applications and Emails will be processed and answered when we will be back. We are sorry for the inconvenience. IMB

12.03.2013 The first Masterclass with Maestro Kiesler is over.  It was a very successful Masterclass with a lovely final concert.

We would like to thank the 12 participants! Pics will follow soon.

13.02.2013 The final concert of the Masterclass in March is already published in all the important papers and Internet sites. Click here

11.02.2013 Due to cancellation we have one place left in the Masterclass in March with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler. Last chance to join this Masterclass.  More info here.

07.02.2013  All Beethoven masterclass with Maestro Kiesler  –  Repertoire and dates confirmed 16th – 21st June 2013  

24.01.2013 Due to extremely positive reaction and demands we are happy to announce another masterclass with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler in June 2013.

Dates yet to be confirmed 16th – 21st June 2013  

All Beethoven program. Specific list will be announced soon.

You can apply here.

09.01.2013 We are happy to announce the upcoming masterclass with Maestro Michail Jurowski and the Berlin Sinfonietta.

Dates confirmed! September 8th – 12th 2013

More information here

Applicants are welcome to apply here.

08.01.2013 The masterclass with Maestro Kiesler is SOLD OUT.  We are still taking applications and will inform applicants if a place will become available.


Please note this change in the repertoire for the course:
Our soloist, Alexander Frey, had to change the Beethoven concerto that he will play
from the 4th to the 1st. 
After discussing this with Masestro Kiesler, he decide that this change should be made, specially when there is still long time until the course.

14.12.12 Schedule is online here.


Figaro’s Recitative and Aria from “Le Nozze di Figaro” is CANCELED! 
(Act IV Scene 8: 26. Recitativo ed Aria: Recitativo: ‘Tutto e disposto’ Aria: ‘Aprite un po’quegli occhi’)

28.11.12 The final concert and the general rehearsal will take place on March 8th in the St. George’s Anglican Church in Berlin, Charlottenburg, as a part of it’s concert series. More information about the church here.

01.11.12 Additional sessions with string quintet have been added, on top of all orchestral rehearsals. More conducting time!

31.10.2012 We are getting great responses to the Kenneth Kiesler Masterclass. Application is possible until course is completely full.

29.10.2012 Repertoire list changed a bit. Check it here.

We are happy to announce the upcoming masterclass with Maestro Kenneth Kiesler and the Berlin Sinfonietta.

More information here.

Dates confirmed! March 3rd – 8th 2013


Maximum of 12 participants will be chosen from all the applicants.

Please feel free to apply here.

The IMB Team




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